round peg, square city

round peg

To say you are different would be understatement of the decade. The way you think, act; is in the minority. And that is a beauty. The beauty of you. Only few have been called to the responsibility of shaping the world. And despite the past due phone bill, your Blackberry rang.

However, rather than allow people to marvel at your inner Halle Berry, your (insert heart-throb male or me) of a creation, instead you hide it away in a vault. Then as you put off your calling more, you forget the combination. You throw the emergency key in a toxic river. Then for whatever reason, you give the vault full of creative juice to a friend and said friend moves to Budapest, only to unfriend you on Facebook days later.

Well, maybe not that last sentence. But you get the picture.

You gripe about your unfulfilling job. Yet you invest time in Netflix rather than putting paintbrush to canvas, pen to pad, booty to chair. Consumption has become your new way of unwinding during off hours. “I’m tired,” is your new retort for anything productive.

Well congrats, you’ve succeeded in fitting in. You’re now like the billions of other humans in Square City.

In Square City, there’s only one way of doing things: the square way. You find a way to fit. What Square City represents is a shunning of innovation. A drowning out of creativity and free thought. Everything you loathe.

While there’s no shame in watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’d exude more pride in creating something honest. When you ignore your urge to write that screenplay or novel or create that program for disadvantaged youth, you’re being dishonest about who you are.

You are no square, baby. You’re better than that.

Now, I admit, the title of this post is a bit limiting. Because, how dare I put limitations on you? You could be a round peg or you could be a starfish. You could be a marble on a chessboard. The point is, you’re light-years better than the person you’re pretending to be.

You are a world-shattering enigma. So maybe instead of trying to be a square, when thinking of yourself in relation to the masses, embrace and sing, “One of these things is not like the other.”

Now turn off Buffy and go create.

Image: JD Hancock

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