get off your aspirations


So you’ve taken heed to your passion, your truest desires, and you’ve begun the first steps of becoming who you were made to be.  Congrats!

Or…maybe you haven’t quite yet. Maybe you’re ‘getting around to it’. Maybe the proposed equation to your apprehension has been:

Busy + (-)Time x Et cetera10 = same place as yesterday

If it’s the latter, don’t be so quick to claim your aspiration as an identity. To a fault, we humans have this remarkably uncanny ability to speak our dreams on a daily basis, yet take no action. I raise a furry uni-brow at talkers. Talkers will tell you they are world renowned artists – influencers – and then immediately go home and turn on Telemundo.

It’s a talk and don’t do cycle on indefinite repeat.

We all do it.

I am no exception. I’ve worked on writing projects in the past (a majority of them trash). But at the time I could claim writer as title. The past month? Not so much. In those times in between, I was not a writer. I was a talker, a dreamer, a goal-setter-nower-and-ignore-laterer.

If someone told you they were a doctor yet had no degree, certification, or had even seen the inside of a medical textbook, would you trust them to giggle around for your prostate?

So you are either a writer because you, um well (cue Jeopardy theme music), write? Or you are an internet-surfing-social-network-grazer with moss growing from your palms. And there is nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you aspire for.

If not, get to scribbling. That’s all it takes, every day. Aspiration is nothing without action.

You are what you repeatedly do. Create.

Tell us, what’s stopping you?


I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.