doing the running man


I’ve been in an inevitable mood for the past 24 hours. Unmotivated. Unmoved. Nothing can make me do anything.

Laziness would be an incorrect label. In fact, it’s tough to pinpoint. Is there a word for it? The feeling you get when fighting to spark a change in your life but regardless of your new-found passion, your nose-to-the-grind-stone work ethic, and your attitude adjustments, NOTHING CHANGES.

Anybody have a reverse dictionary on hand? Let’s just call it “the running man” – my favorite dance as a kid.

Your results of NOTHING cause you to want to do NOTHING. It’s a rut that can singe your soul if not careful.

As a fair WARNING, the road to change is partially paved with dog feces. And every now and again things start to resemble themselves. You feel like you’ve been walking in the right direction for a while but you look around, retrace your steps, and start to wonder if you’ve made three right turns only to be in the same spot you began.

But truth is, if you’ve started something and have truly committed to what you want, then you’re not in the same place. You should feel the change within.

If you’ve started something and built up 3 days of consistent work, chances are you’re doing more than you did last year. The problem is, our goals (sometimes) aren’t realistic. Yes, dreaming is great. But no one submitting their resume today should expect to get hired tomorrow. But if you do accomplish such a feat, I will PayPal you personally for your strategy.

My truth is, I haven’t fully committed to my dream. So my work ethic has suffered. Thus no change.

Evaluate what might be going wrong in your rut. Maybe it’s attitude or maybe you need to refocus.

We all get discouraged. Nothing wrong with “running man” moments. The important thing is: do not stay in the rut and always keep dancing.

Only you can stop you (I wrote this post during my lunch break at work).

What’s the worst rut you ever got in? Build with us.


photo:  BLDUMMY

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