we need you, leader

Initially, I was going to dedicate an entire post to report my results of “Project 1: The Filtering”. But as I typed, I soon realized, I didn’t have enough material to justify delaying something I felt was more progressive and needed. In short, my filtering project was a success, in that I completed what I set out to do. Surrounding oneself with constant positives commands intentional decisions. Nearly. Every. Minute. Of. The. Day. It’s tough. And no one is there to hold your hand and make sure you’re doing what you should be.  If you’re a bill-paying adult, nothing is filtered for you. The world is unrated without a warning label that says “At your own risk”. You hold yourself accountable…which builds the bridge to what I truly want to speak on.

The world needs YOU!

Say it with me this time.

“The world needs ME!”

Do you believe that? Truly, in your soul? You must.


The world needs leaders, thinkers, creators now more than ever. Originality within the soul inspires others. It’s a domino. If this blog helps just one person achieve a goal or get over a creative rut, it will have undoubtedly succeeded. So it’s not just about self-fulfillment. Becoming who you’re intended to be is about the world, leaving your mark, adding value, and ultimately helping others.

Don’t be selfish with your gift. Share with us. How many more decision-less drones does the world need? Really, how many people sitting at a computer punching numbers does the world need? (Not job bashing. But is this really who you wanted to be? Is this you, being great?)

Too many people give up their dreams to pursue their parent’s dreams, their spouse or significant other’s dreams, their company’s dreams. It’s tough not to follow. Following is the default switch for some of us. Soon enough, you have to stop seeking validation from the outside. All that you need is already within.

Dream for yourself. Lead yourself. You are the leader of your life, not mom, not Barack Obama, not Beyonce’s new hairstyle. The CEO’s dreams and yours likely do not align. Realize this and make a change.

Now create.

Create a life, you leader, you.

Do you know the world needs you? You should. Let your voice be heard in the comments.

Photo: Vinoth Chandar

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.