Some Things on Transparency

Parachute flying over Manuel Antiono, Costa Rica
Water is synonymous with the truth; You need it to wake up, progress and get the most out of life and find the true quality of happiness. — Mick Jenkins

Inspired by Mick Jenkins & Jamie Miles

The day I committed myself to drinking water all day, also ended up being the day I got all of three hours of sleep. And on top of that, had three classes to teach back to back to back.

Tell Drake to top that.

Forget a cup of Joe, I was in need of a coffee I.V.

But I stayed strong, kept my composure, and held my cravings at bay.

After drinking cucumber and lime water, I always feel like a superhero. Even if I’m running on low rest.

But enough of that.

Ironically though, this does have to do with transparency.

Lately, I’ve questioned how close to truth I am.

Am I being true to my thoughts and aspirations? Am I being bold enough? Or am I just rebelling against the things I don’t want?

These are usually the types of questions I keep to myself.

Because transparency can be terrifying.

But transparency can also be freeing.

People constantly try to sell themselves on what they want to be perceived as, rather than actually trying to be that person through effort and sacrifice.

It took me a while to realize this. Not that I have any insight on who’s real and who’s fake, or the percentage. It’s just, I’ve caught onto the times.

To me, this is worse than settling.

You could be who you were meant to be, or you could fake it for a few ‘likes’ — something that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Let’s bring back the authentic, people.

I won’t ask anything of you that I wouldn’t first do myself.

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.