In the beginning…


There was you.

You and the things you loved (to do). Your experience was in dirt and insects. Hunting and climbing. Jumping and swimming. Forts and buildling. Dancing and singing. Tumbling and running.

No commercials advertised this.

There was you, the things you loved, and your passion for them. You commissioned over a million art projects. You headed a science experiment you didn’t know was a science experiment. You were ranked all-time champion of both Hide & Seek and I-Spy.

You didn’t need money to love these. You wanted to be an actor and achef. You wanted to help the poor. You wanted to work with children.

No one sold you these ideas. You had strong ideas already. You didn’t know everything. Yet, that didn’t scare you. It made you curious. But you knew what you loved, and only punishment got in the way of that.

Not an opinion. Not money. Not career trends. Not an economy.

Your passion and energy couldn’t be contained. Your please’s had four-times the amount of e’s required. You were a staunch advocate for what you loved. You were the director, the chairman, the CEO, the vice president, the general manager, and the intern.

Where are you, the things you love to do, and your passion now?

Think back, before the doubts, before the opinions, before the distractions. Back to the beginning…

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.