I don’t believe in doing things I don’t believe in.


Happy Birthday, book (click here)!

This day last year, I still remember it. I was only a few months removed from having quit my job. I’d made residence in uncertainty, knowing I didn’t want to go back to doing things I didn’t love. I’d just moved to Costa Rica and was on a budget thinner than the peanut butter sandwiches I was eating.

I had a vision. I had something (or SOME THING) telling me I needed to do this thing I’d been putting off for so long.

I needed to stop playing and put a book into the world. But not just any book, though, a message.

I don’t believe in doing things I don’t believe in. I know that sounds redundant. But I don’t have to tell you how often I have done things that I didn’t believe in, despite my soul’s discomfort.

So often I let things like opinions and ego and fear stop me from expressing gifts that were given to me. So often, I’d allowed those crippling little invisible things to paralyze me and keep me from sharing a message. To stop me from honoring what I’m here for.

I worried about mistakes, about not getting it right. I worried about not being qualified. I fixated on all of these things but hadn’t ask myself the most important questions:

Do I believe in it?

Is it the right thing to do?

Am I being driven by my soul (and not vanity)?

If I’d known to ask these things, I would’ve told my ego to kick rocks a long time ago. But living is learning.

Recently, I’ve had conversations concerning this topic with friends and family. A friend of mine is wrestling with this feeling of wanting to do something more than her day job but not knowing how. Fearing the outcome. And of course, not wanting to fail.

These concerns are not out of the norm. As I mentioned I struggled with these too. The problem is, we pay these concerns and questions way too much attention. They are designed to protect our ego and self-image. The questions aren’t concerned with the message, they’re concerned with self.

If your intentions aren’t pure, then yeah, you should be nervous and worried. Because the message is rooted in selfishness, and not in sharing. People can see through that. Not to say that people haven’t reached their definition of success in this way because it happens. But if you’re anything like me…

If you feel you’re doing the right thing, don’t worry so much about the outcome. Just get started and see where it takes you. If the message is coming from the soul, it’s bigger than you. Your art will guide you to what you need to do.

Now, that might sound all mystical and Alchemist-y but I truly believe that. Honor the calling, honor the message on your heart and see where it takes you. I wouldn’t be telling you this if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I followed what I believed to be a calling, and a year later, my only regret is that I didn’t follow it earlier. Over the weekend, I signed a contract to freelance write for fairly well-known online publication.

The audacity to publish a book and even the commitment to take writing seriously have all been dominos. All conspiring to aid in my bigger goals.


Don’t do things you don’t believe in. Honor your gifts, your purpose, and your message. And if you don’t yet know what those things are, allow yourself the time to explore.

As far as I know, this is the only life we get. Take some time to be yourself. Your true self. Not the person you think you should be based on opinions, egos, or fear.

To celebrate my baby, PS turning a year old today, I’m lowering the price to $1 (today only!) This is not an April Fool’s joke. I still stand by it and the message it conveys. 

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Because at the time of writing and publishing, I believed in it, it was the right thing to do, and it came from my soul. And that’s what’s most important, not any mistakes I made (even though I’ve taken note and learned from them). These things made it a success before I sold it.

If you or anyone close to you would benefit from a message like this, please share. Thank you for allowing me to share this gift. I am committed to sharing much more in the near future.


Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCabe

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