The Gospel According to You: The Words Your Life Speak


Think of your life as your gospel.

A gospel that you’ll be unknowingly spreading, to the extremities of the Earth.

If you truly think about it:

Your life is what speaks to people.

Your life is not what you say to people.

Your life is not even what you say you live by.

What you say will always be overshadowed by what you do.

What message are you carrying with you everywhere you go?

Are you spreading positivity to people, showing love, helping them, lifting them up, being there for them in times of need?

Or are you spreading negativity?

Complaining, being selfish, talking about people, using people and manipulating them?

It’s simple, light or darkness?

In your heart, good or bad?

What you spread, will be your gospel.

Regardless of what you believe in.

Because if you truly believed it, you’d be living it.

And this is what people remember.

More than what you said or tried to get them to perceive.

It’s how you actually live.

Sometimes, yes, people’s perceptions can get the best of them.

Because they focus on the wrong things.

Sometimes, yes, they’re interpretation can be off and all wrong.

But for the most part, you don’t live for another’s interpretation of you.

You live for what you love and what you believe to be good and truth.

If you’re not living it, then it’s not enough truth for you.

It’s not enough for you to stand on, in faith, and live out.

True Belief is in Living it

A boxer believes he has to be in a certain shape to prepare for the next bout.

He truly believes that he needs the training, needs the improvement in strength in order to defeat his upcoming opponent.

If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be getting up early in the morning, training, sparring.

He wouldn’t be dedicating his life to a certain regimen.

This regimen will rule his life until he’s done with his next battle.

But that’s how far he goes into it.

That’s how in the zone he gets in it.

What is your Gospel?

What about your life are you anxious to tell, to live out? 

What parts of you are you sharing with the world?

Your life is your gospel.

Start living, not based on what’s around you, but according to the message you want to spread.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.