On Building More Self-Trust


We search near, far, and the ends of the earth for signs.

Signs that we’re doing right. Going the right direction. Choosing what’s for us. Making all of the right moves. And discarding the unnecessary to the oceans of irrelevance.

Not knowing what to do seems unfair, at times.

Uncertainty is a cruel sort of magic. It feels exhilarating and unnerving, all at once.

Uncertainty will bend your life in discomforting and confusing directions.

It will twist your mind into a house of questions.

I experience my own daily dose of it.

There are so many forks in life’s road. But when you doubt your steps, no matter your chosen direction, you will always feel wrong. That’s why you must get in the habit of trusting yourself, little by little.

It may not seem it but you are qualified to direct yourself on the right path. You are capable of steering yourself. It may take many many wrong turns. But there will be other days when you do — with much brilliance — get it right.

And that is how you will build your trust. That is how you move forward, with confidence.

But first, please, believe in your own ability to make it without knowing. This may seem foolish. However, sitting idly will not help you move better. It will not teach you to navigate.

A few wrong turns are good for helping you find your way.

Because there is a certain hidden joy in accomplishing what first seemed impossible.

Trust yourself a little more, right now.

You can only win by starting sooner than you’re ready.

Photo by my beautiful wife

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.