Stop being what you don’t want to be.


Simple advice, I know.

But you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t follow it.

You don’t want to be boring?

Stop being boring. Do something more exciting, and unpredictable.

You want to be a better person?

Start giving. Stop being so selfish.

You want to be more productive?

Stop being lazy. Challenge yourself. Challenge your abilities and get out there and set a goal and accomplish that goal.

There are so many ways to run away from the person you want to be.

There are so many sneaky little ways we convince ourselves that our transformation is outside of our control.

Stop being what you don’t want to be.

Even though you didn’t plan for things to go this way, you also didn’t plan anything else, so this is where you’re at. 

Don’t sit in the dissatisfaction and discontent.

Make time your ally and push forward.

No time to cry about regret.

Please, do something about it.

I promise you’ll feel better about your decision.  Be proactive about your life. 

You have more control than you even know.

Start using it.

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.