Create Your Arrangements.


Think of yourself as the song, as a song.

You live within the structure.

You create the arrangement.

You create the constraints in which you live in.

You can make yourself as free as you want.

Or you can make yourself as constricted as you want, but remember you create the lines that you live within.

I’m not talking moral compass, which is something you grew up with or developed a bit subconsciously.

I’m talking the framework that you live within that shapes your life. How fluidly you are living within your values.

These are the things that will take your life to new heights.

They will either motivate you or not.

The arrangements are what hold things together.

But many of us have no idea that we have the choice to loosen or tighten the constraints that we live within.

We tend to give this freedom up at will to anyone who’s OK with telling us what we should do.

You’re responsible and capable enough to create your own arrangements.

You are disciplined enough or you can groom yourself to become disciplined enough to be able to create your own arrangements.

You just have to give yourself a shot.

You give yourself that chance to control your own framework and not live within anyone else’s and watch things open up.

If you do it right, you’ll never want to return to that way of living.

Even if you were “successful” within the other arrangements.

Defining yourself is powerful.

That mental boost will sustain you.

Because you’ll be killing your own food.

You will hunt every day, you are fishing every day.

You’ll feel the work happening, manifesting, unfolding within you.

You may feel that initial fatigue from upholding yourself, from mentally sustaining yourself.

But trust, you’ll be ok.

This is normal.

Just know that not many have the mental fortitude to even start or understand what you’re doing.

They are just bystanders, thinking they know what you’re doing.

Thinking that you’re crazy but not aware of how empowering freedom is.

Not aware that you’ve chosen not to put limits on yourself and that alone puts you at a different potential.

Automatically, you change your day to day by not clipping your wings.

Living within your own arrangements, that’s beautiful music.

Beautiful to your ears, even if not to anyone else.

Because you march to your own drum.

Find the right drums.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.