The Art of Starting Over


Are you in a place that you no longer want to be in?

Or are you wondering, how you got somewhere in the first place?

Sometimes, it’s hard to even admit that. That we might’ve been or might be going the wrong way. Or that we weren’t really paying great attention to the direction we were going.

It’s tough to admit when you’re wrong or when you’ve made a mistake. Especially when your intentions were good.

We fail often, we make mistakes, and we go against our better judgments all of the time. This doesn’t mean it’s a life sentence. Sometimes, we have regret when we look back. Sometimes swallowing our pride is a pain point we’re just not willing to accept.

First, let go of your ego or reputation or any false notion of how you see yourself or how you believe others see you. Everyone makes mistakes. Yours are no bigger than anyone else’s in this world. Secondly, recognize any pain associated with this situation. Acknowledge it for what it is and why you’re going through it.

There was a point in time when I was in a relationship I just wasn’t proud of. I wasn’t happy either. But I held onto it, even though I was in pain. After I left that relationship, I told myself I’d never put myself through that again. And I’ve stayed true to that thus far.

Another thing, be honest. Be honest with yourself and with anyone else involved in your starting anew.

We are not islands.

We are people.

Talking to someone about what you’re going through can serve as a therapy and healing if you open yourself to it.

Remember, you were probably healing for another person at one point when they felt stuck.

Remind yourself of that.

Remind yourself of that and move forward.

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.