Competition is like a Jazz Band


Fellow Creatives,

We have to rethink competition. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others in unhealthy ways. It’s only beneficial to look at another’s gifts in genuine admiration. Void of envy.

Because your brother’s (and sister’s) existence in the creative space is your own as well. Think of us all as players in a jazz band. Many people that play beautiful music.

But some play different instruments. And even if you play the same instrument, you don’t sound completely the same. Some are more unpredictable, some smooth, some very measured in their tempos. But in the end, it all results in music — an unmatched, collection of sounds.

It won’t be harmonious music every time. But nonetheless, everybody plays.

Everyone has a specific job to fulfill.

Otherwise, the band just doesn’t sound full enough.

So rethink the concept of competition.

It will only to make you a better, more mature player.

It will only to help your craft.

Take tips and try to become more of a master of the game.

It is only to your benefit to lift another up.

Learn to appreciate the different instruments.

Drums are needed just as much as the sax. Same goes for the bass guitar.

We all have gifts to contribute. People are able to coexist in the same places, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the gifts that we have.

Now, let’s jam together.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.