Why you won’t become the writer you’ve always dreamt of being.

  1.  Your Ego — You won’t put yourself out there. You won’t risk being wrong. You’re embarrassed to look desperate. You clinging very tightly to this image of having it all together. Even when you know it’s completely stupid and doesn’t serve you or anyone else. Even when you thought you’d outgrown this thinking, you still value perception over reality.
  2. Your Doubt — You’re worried you don’t have the ability. You doubt you can keep it up. You don’t know what you’re made of and you’re secretly terrified of learning so.
  3. Your Fear — You’re so afraid. You’re afraid of success. Mid-career, you might forget how to write all of sudden and completely blow it. You’re nervous you’ll allow this opportunity to slip right through your shaky hands. You are so so afraid.
  4. Your Past — Regrets are eating your future. Your past is eating all that you want to do. You won’t unchain yourself from who you’ve become or what you’ve done. You won’t free yourself so that you may be yourself. This is the paradox. So much of you wants to escape. Yet, you can’t because you’re holding onto what’s tying you down.

If you want any chance of moving forward, you must let go.

Of ego, of doubt, of fear, of your past or anything else hindering you.

Your writing dream awaits beyond your growth.

Now go.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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