Are you chasing ghosts?


There isn’t a part of us that isn’t in some way tortured by who we could’ve been, what we could’ve done, or where we could be.

Detachment is sometimes important and necessary when it comes to the mistakes and missteps we’ve made.

In order to walk forward, in grace, recognizing who we are should invariably become more important than reminding ourselves of who we were supposed to be.

Or worse, who we once were.

But more often than we should, we carry a memory tinged with regret.

We hold to the kind of moments that paint who we are as lesser versions of ourselves.

We hardly realize the person we are now is maybe the person we need to be in order to go forward, further.

We rarely appreciate the growth.

Because reflection is not meant to weigh down on us.

If anything, it is meant to allow us perspective.

Maybe if we hadn’t gone the way we did, we otherwise wouldn’t be ourselves in some way?

Maybe that’s not the case in every instance.

But that’s OK.

As long as we recognize it with the right eyes.

As long as we don’t see ghosts of ourselves as real.

We need to stop chasing what was and embrace the now. We need to stop shedding light on what is currently phantom.

Who you are is the real you.

Accept that now.

And live accordingly.

Photo by Gez Xavier Mansfield on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.