Putting Unnecessary Pressure on Writing? Here’s How to Stop.

Whatever it is you’re trying to do, whatever level you’re attempting to achieve, ease up.
Your masterpiece is coming.
Your statue of recognition is due.
Because you are currently building it, with your work.
What do I mean?
Maybe you’re focusing too much on outside recognition.
Remember, this is all practice. Everything leading up to what it is you want is all practice.
Not every shot is a game-winner. Sometimes — well, at all times — it’s about the work.
Let your writing now be rehearsal for your book. Or your screenplay.
Let all moments before your big break — whenever that may be — be practice.
We have no real way of knowing when what we’re doing will get noticed or receive it’s proper recognition. That’s something we have no control over.
Some of the most revered artists didn’t become legends until their heartbreaking deaths. Do you think Tupac or Biggie know that they’re considered amongst the greatest of all times?
But that wasn’t their focus. They focused on the work. They focused on what they would create next.

What happens when we focus too much on one moment being our big ticket?

We mount up pressure upon ourselves. We tell ourselves false stories about this being our last shot. We detach ourselves from the next move and focus on why it didn’t work out.
And that is not where our minds should be.

Refocusing the Pressure

This is not a free pass to give up hard work and commitment. This is a call to free yourself from the shackles of fame or recognition for your work. The time will come when people take notice. But let that not be your focus.
Let the work be the reason you keep at it. Because this is why you do what you do. For the internal satisfaction. For the people who do read your work.
Let the feeling of creating something new, everyday fuel you. Not a few cheers. Not external validation.
So when you feel pressure mounting up, listen to what it is that’s pushing you. Is it the force to create something new or is it the need for validation?
Let the call for consistency and a fluid imagination push you to create. Be motivated by your own ability. Not the accolades that follow. 
Because remember, this is all practice.
So pretend the gym is empty. Keep throwing shots at the basket. Your focus is getting better. Because the big game is ahead.
This is all practice.

Photo by Semir Ahmed Douibi on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.