You *still* have the freedom to create what you want.

If you think long enough, you can remember a time when you didn’t worry about the consequences of being creative.
You were spurred by freedom.
A time when you were a creative rebel and your ideas led the way. You didn’t worry about any opinions. You didn’t wonder whether you’d win the Pulitzer Prize for your journal entries.
Much of your creative process was like this:
1. You felt a nudge in your spirit.
2. You created out of that very raw experience of human expression.
3. And if you messed up, you may have moved on but you didn’t quit.
When I was younger, if created something terrible I didn’t see it as a measure of my worth or a stain on my young career. I simply learned from the misstep and kept creating.
But now we are older. We “know” too much. And we misinterpret much of what the arc of our creative lives mean.
Chances are, you were probably the same.
Well, here with Good News for you: you still have a creative free will. By grace, you are forgiven if you mess up. The masses won’t banish you from creating if you make one or two or even 1500 pieces of bad art.
Thou shalt still create.
And may you still have the opportunity to fall short of the glory of your great big imagination and grow from it.
Don’t let what you can’t do determine what you can do.
Don’t let your current abilities prohibit you from getting better. Don’t let anything keep you from showing up, from creating work that will get you to where you’re trying to go.
You have to build a tolerance to your own mistakes. You have to go forth despite your own deficiencies and learn along the way. You must choose to be prolific and purposeful over being perfect.
Repeat this if you must:
I will keep creating despite my fears.
I will keep creating despite my lack of experience.
I will keep creating despite my many embarrassing mistakes.
I will keep creating despite.

I will be obedient to the subtle nudge inside of me. 

Keep building up your spirit to create, over and over. You have the resilience to withstand your resistance.

Now go forth.

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.