Be Encouraged, This Year.


It’s natural to feel discouraged and beatdown from what wasn’t accomplished years prior. There is a very unnerving, human aspect of wanting your grand vision to unfold in one motion. In one breath-taking, slow-motion montage.

We tell stories this way.

We’ve seen the movies.

We’ve been programmed to believe that all of our successes and blessings are linear — that they all fall down like rays of sunshine upon us, at once.

Even though, life continually proves to us that those far-fetched fantasies, well, are just that.

I mean, I believe in miracles. But sometimes, it’s necessary to have to toil and experience the excruciating growing pains of not getting what you desire. Sometimes our intentions need to be tested. Sometimes our drive just isn’t there.

Whatever it may be, I’m challenging you to look forward this year. To grow into what you’re seeking. Hide and immerse yourself in the process. Be so enamored by it that you don’t realize you’re becoming what you’ve dreamed.

Let’s not get stuck in the past.

We are far too blessed and talented and awesome to grieve something that’s at our fingertips.

I’m willing to go out on a limb a say that something better is coming this year.

I know it.
I know it.
I know it.

But don’t take my word for it. Keep moving forward and you will see what’s ahead.

Be encouraged.

Photo by Joel Mwakasege on Unsplash

I am an author, traveler, and lover of all plantains.