Be Encouraged, This Year.

It’s natural to feel discouraged and beatdown from what wasn’t accomplished years prior. There is a very unnerving, human aspect of wanting your grand vision to unfold in one motion….

How to build a 5-minute writing habit

This is an exercise to show you that you can create a writing habit with very little time. With persistence, you can go from writing nothing at all, to creating…

What are we so afraid of?

Fear is a monster. Fear has stalked many a man down in-route to their purpose.   Fear’s hairy grip will strangle your life, long before you ever enter a grave….

Don’t Open Another Window.

Life happens in ebbs and flows. Highs and lows. Dips and, ok you get it. There tends to be the contingency of continuously searching for answers to questions. But not…

3 Lies Writers Tell that Hold Them Back

“I’m not good enough.” The truth: You’re not a great judge of your own ability (or inability). And what exactly is enough? As writers, we hold our work and the value of…

There is no shame in starting small.

As a writer, the thought of putting my soul into a piece of work and no one caring is scarier than losing my wallet, keys, and cellphone in one sitting….