Competition is like a Jazz Band

Fellow Creatives, We have to rethink competition. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others in unhealthy ways. It’s only beneficial to look at another’s gifts in genuine admiration. Void…

There is no shame in starting small.

As a writer, the thought of putting my soul into a piece of work and no one caring is scarier than losing my wallet, keys, and cellphone in one sitting….

Why to Keep Showing Up, with Purpose

Pivoting into a life of purpose hasn’t been easy, for me. In fact, it’s been my toughest life project, to date. Contrary to Internet legend, there is no five or…

The Unwritten Rules of Creativity

(b). You are the starter and enforcer of your own rules. Whatever you say, goes. Until it doesn’t go and you feel like making up something else — be Dr….