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Visible Soul: How to Be & See Yourself Through Fear, Uncertainty & Regret by Brandon B. Keith

Travel can be a way of detaching and connecting. It can lead to new personal and world perspectives.

But what if traveling distanced you from who you thought you were? What if, you journeyed so far away from home, just to lose who you were in danger of becoming?

In Visible Soul, Brandon shares the story of having to face his own discontent. Discontent with an identity that wasn’t his. Nothing would remedy it. Not alcohol. Not money. Not even his love for traveling.

But while away from home, Brandon relearns honesty. He befriends strangers. He sheds his regrets. And he discovers purpose.

Follow the words that tell of his overcoming. Witness the transparency of an imperfect man finding his path and becoming more of who he needs to be.

Author’s Note: With this book being my second, I have the opportunity to do something special for someone. Travel has blessed my life so richly. I’ve had the opportunity to not only travel but live in both Central and South America for nearly 2 years.

I’d love to give a small portion of what I’ve been able to experience to someone else.

So for anyone who pre-orders my book, you will have a chance to win a $100 Delta gift voucher. The winner will be announced after publishing.

Thank you.

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